Timbits with my Tiny Human

Happy CANADA day to all my fellow Canadians! We are truly lucky to be living in the true north strong and free. I wouldn't be anywhere else, especially with all the craziness that going on in other parts of the world. 

With that been said, I didn't really celebrate 150 years of greatness with my fellow Canadians. As you may have remembered in past posts like this one, I usually make time and take part in the festivities. Last year I wasn't able to, due to being severely preggo, which in turn makes standing and sitting for long periods of time difficult. I did a lot of snoozing during those days. LOL. Growing a human is no easy task. I digress. This year, although I was excited to see fireworks and spend time with friends/ family, I did none of it. 

The day started off with being awoken at 6 AM, by the smell of stale poop, and a whining baby. Obviously I was not a happy camper. I managed to change a diaper, and remove crib sheets all with my eyes still shut. I was still in sleep mode technically, but trust me, there isn't anything I haven't seen that comes out of a babies bottom that I can't fathom. My brain however, decided that 5 minutes was all it could function and instead of finding new sheets to put down in her bed; I just scooped her up and placed her beside me on my bed. 

We awoke again a short time later for our "real" morning. Oh, I forgot the part where I mention that, my almost 11-month-old almost toppled over the bed while I was sleeping. Had I not decided to open my right eye and look over at her, she would've ended up on the floor. She some how managed to crawl around the bed and made her way to the corner and almost on that lovely hardwood floor. Once again I digress. I realize that you are not here to hear my daily motherhood failures. I'll get on to the good stuff.

I usually can gauge how the rest of the day will go based on our morning, and today I really thought that today would be a good day even though I was in some kind of mood. Where that was stemming from? I'm not actually sure. All I know is that it threw my entire day way off. 

Recently, for some odd reason, I've been thinking a lot about the past ... Little things started to bother me, including things I had completely forgotten about. It initially stemmed from something an important person in my family said. I had some resentment building up for some time but couldn't actually pin-point what or where it was coming from. Today was the day that I chose to let it out. Those feelings stayed with me the whole day until approximately 8 pm I would say. Too late for me to make any further Canada day plans at this point, so I decided to enjoy my quiet night in. I was however craving something from Tim Hortons (how Canadian of me, eh) and so around 11 pm, I grabbed baby and went for a little drive before picking up our favourite timbits. 

Once at home in the drive way, I have never felt so much love or the gratefulness that I did at that particular point in time. I took one look at bubs in her car seat, messy hair, and bright eyes staring directly at me ... and my heart was full. A handful of timbits and a tiny human that loves me is all I need. 




  1. Love your post. You hit it on the nail. At the end of the day, it is the little things that make life so beautiful. Love you and your tiny human XOX

    1. Thank you Khala! That is very true! It's the simple things .... we love you too! <3


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