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Hello hello! You must be wondering where I disappeared to since October 2016, let me tell you I have a completely valid excuse. Instead of adopting a cat, I had a baby. Yup, a baby. A tiny human. I will save all that drama for another post, but for now, let's talk about these Bath and Body works goodies shall we?! I actually purchased these items a few months ago, but didn't get around to posting the haul portion of this post. Instead, since i've had the opportunity to use each product, I thought it would be great to provide a review. As I browsed through the website I noticed that some of the products are not exactly the same as I have shown in my photo. It seems as there has been some re-branding in terms of the products along with the packaging/and or change of product names. But don't despair, if you must absolutely have one of these products, interogate one of the B&BW's sales associates until you get it! 

1. Sweet Pea Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: I bought approximately 6 of these sweet floral smelling hand soaps and i'm currently on my last one! This is one of my fave hand soaps of all time, I absolutely love the way this stuff smells and feels on my skin. I just love Bath and Body Works' foaming hand soaps in general because of the way they lather. It leaves your skin feeling really clean! I just doubled checked the B&BW website and did not find this product in the foaming hand soaps section, as it may have been discontinued. Bummer. Don't despair, you can find this gorgeous scent in the form of a shower gel, body lotion, mist and eau de toilette among other things. 

2. White Citrus Hand Lotion: This is an item that I have kept in my purse as well as baby's diaper bag for those times when I have dry hands. Especially since we've just gotten away from winter, the air has been very dry and that has taken a toll on my skin. It smells like a dream (as does everything else at B&BW), but at the same time it does smell slightly artificial if you catch my drift. I still use it every so often, however not on a daily basis. I feel as though there are better hand lotions in the market that you can get your hands on.

3. Tiki Mango Mai Tai Shower Gel: This was hands down my favourite shower gel and TMI, but this really made bath time/ me-time fun for me. I used this product a day or two after giving birth and as silly as this sounds, it really made that 5 minutes of me-time I had away from baby, really nice! It has a very light fruity scent, that literally wakes you up in the shower. I was hoping to repurchase, but I noticed on the website that there are similar products with different names and packaging. If you can get your hands on this shower gel then please do, because you won't be disappointed!

4. Kitchen Lemon Deep Cleansing Hand Soap: I actually wasn't as interested in this particular hand soap compared to the others but it happened to be one of the popular ones and I liked that there are exfoliating (yaassss) properties in it so I was sold! I'm usually not a fan of lemon scented hand soaps as they absurdly remind me of the dishwashing liquid, Sunlight. Bleh. Low and behold, although it does smell a lot like lemons it's not an unpleasent scent. It's really perfect for the kitchen, as the name says and makes your hands feel and smell super clean! 

5. Vineyard Champagne Kiss Shower Gel: Also, I believe, this product has been discontinued. That would make sense as to why it was on sale in the store. However you may purchase items with this scent from Amazon and Ebay if interested. At first, I wasn't sure what a "Vineyard Champagne Kiss" is supposed to smell like. I suppose something along the lines of strolling through a vineyard, drinking champagne and then having a smooch?! I will leave the imagining up to you, but I will say this, it had a beautiful light "pretty" floral scent to it. I can't say if it is related to the name at all, but it was quite nice. 

6. Endless Weekend Deep Cleansing Hand Soap: I saved the best for last, as this is another one of my favourites! This stuff smells amazing! It has a very airy almost clean-laundry scent to it which I love. Later on, I also ended up buying the foaming hand soap version of this product as well because I loved it so much. There are times when the exfoliating comes in handy; when you need a nice good scrubbing, then there are other times when you just need a good 'ol hand washing and this is where the foaming hand soap comes in handy. Use to your discretion, it's a free country! My younger brother however, was not impressed. He came out of the bathroom one day, frazzled at the fact that we had a hand soap that was called "endless weekend". Then he went on a rant as to what/ how an "endless weekend" is suppose to smell like and then on to the big question: who bought it? I will leave that there. Can I help that I want my hands to smell like a never ending weekend?!

Well there you have it folks! The long awaited B&BW's haul + review. I hope you enjoyed it and didn't miss me too much. I have decided to make a come back on this space. So, whenever my 8th month old child isn't screaming bloody murder, I will make an appearance here. Your welcome. 

Ciao bella,


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