Want: Bombay Perfumery

Hej! (Swedish for Hello), how are y'all doing? I realize a catch up is in order as we haven't spoke since July. Unfortunately, I will have to save that for another post as I just wanted to share a quickie with you all. I will, however mention that my tiny human, S is finally here! I'll share more later! 

Recently, I came across Bombay Perfumery on Instagram, and let me tell you i'm obsessed! I'm a perfume and fragrance gal and i'm always on the hunt for new scents to add to my collection. Bombay Perfumery is an independent fragrance brand based in Mumbai, India. I am thoroughly impressed just based on what I saw on the website and instagram page! I have/ had a ton of perfumes, some better then others, some I repurchase time and time again; but till now haven't come across an independent and non-celebrity go-to perfume company. There seems to be a very modern and elegant essence about the company and each one of the fragrances.

Although, i'm interested in all the perfumes featured, one particular fragrance that caught my eye is the Madurai Talkies Eau du Parfum. Those who know me well, are aware that I absolutely LOVE Jasmine flowers! This fragrance has a hint of it, along with Mandarin and Rose among others. The website gives an amazing description of each fragrance so you can get an idea of what to expect. I am so psyched to get my hands on one, I can't wait! Once I do, keep your eyes peeled for a full review on everything from ordering and the shipping process to wearability. 

I hope to hear more about them soon and will keep my eyes out for more info.
That's all for now! Ciao.



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