Life Update, Ramadan & a New Favourite?

Hey there chickies! Long time no see! It's been a while since i've been on this space and for good reason. My last post was a little depressing, i'm sorry, but that's life, it's not all rainbows all day erryday, right? 

Summer is upon us which i'm ecstatic about, I swear, winter/ the cold is just depressing. All you people who live in the northern hemisphere, i'm sure, can relate. So i'm really loving the nice weather that we are having. It's also Ramadan which means the Holy Month of Fasting, and my-oh-my the days are so long! Apparently it something like a 19 hour fast here in Canada?! Some countries in Europe are at 20-21 hours, phew! Ramadan Mubarak to all! 
Next on the agenda .... new digs! Yes, I moved! All the way back to my old stomping grounds, for various reasons, some of which I will explore later in this post. Kind of loving the new place, it's small, yes, but homey and comfortable. It's close to my friends (yay!) and family, so i'm back in the circle again (so I think LOL), and lots of amenities. 
Aside from moving, the biggest life change about to happen is the newbie that will be present in my life late next month. No, i'm not getting a gerbil. But yes, a mini human. Scary right?! Originally I wasn't going to mention it on this blog because I don't want to bore you with my daily preggo complaints or baby news, but since it is a life update and it's pretty significant, i'm sharing it with you! Wish me luck, I have no idea what i'm getting myself into. If you would be interested in baby related posts or anything let me know, I wouldn't mind talking about it. 
Along with all that exciting news, I have been using the Arbonne Skin Conditioning Oil a lot lately, and i'm loving it! My eczema has been flaring up A LOT the last little while and I don't find much relief with my prescription cream or other lotions to be honest. Aside from the Aveeno Baby line, this oil is the only other thing that really soothes my skin. I haven't used Arbonne products before, however I was introduced to it by my Manager at work. Mind you, the brand is a little pricey and will cost you a pretty penny for sure but I have heard good things about the products. I may do a full review on it once I get a little more use out of it so stay tuned! 

Now that I am on my mat leave, I have a little more time on my hands and plan on utilizing it well to blog of course!

Talk soon!


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