Did I ever mention that I HATE routine? Well now you know, I HATE routine. HATE HATE HATE HATE routine. But guess what? I am routine. I live routine. I breath routine. My life revolves around routine. 

Are you tired of the word routine yet? 

Where is the spontaneity? Why is there nothing to look forward to? Why is everything the same? Every. Darn. Single. Day. I wake up in the morning, get ready, go to work. Work is another routine. Then come home, and that's another routine. Same timing, same places, same same same and I despise it. 

I like things being different in my day, but I'm finding with my current state of health/ mind that I can not get my self out of this boring arse routine that I've pushed myself into. 

I'm at my wits end and super frustrated. Only problem is I really can't change anything (not an excuse by the way), until the next month or so. 

But i'm thinking of changing up my hair, that's exciting right?!

Sorry not sorry for the drab blab post. 

Hopefully things will look up soon. 



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