Disfunkshion Magazine.

I think I may have just found my new favourite reading material! As you all know, I'm normally a Vogue India and Teen Vogue kind-of-girl but I think I have finally found a magazine that's all me! I almost missed it when I went looking for some new reads at my local bookstore, but something about this colourful cover caught my eye behind copies of Elle and Harper's Bazaar. Did I mention it was on the very top shelf? I'm glad I didn't give up trying to reach for it, because i'm obsessed!
What i'm talking about is DISfunkshion Magazine! A vibrant, visually-appealing, eclectic composition of well written, easy-to-ready articles and photographs all in neat and exciting package. My absolute favourite part of the magazine has to be the bohemian-vibe that can be found through each and every page. Again, right up my alley! While magazines such as Vogue are amazing reads, sometimes they can be a little too perfect for my liking. Although this is my first encounter with DISfunkshion Magazine, I feel like I have a general idea of the overall concept of what the magazine stands for and I absolute love it so far. 
It's a magazine that you can absolutely read/ ogle over cover to cover, it's simply not one of those magazine's that you flip through in 2 minutes while at the doctor's office. Won't happen, I guarantee it! Subscriptions are only available in the US at the present times, however, print copies are available at many major book stores 3 times a year, in the US, Canada and Australia. I would love to do a follow up post on the magazine once i'm more familiar with it, so keep your eyes peeled! Check out the website if you're interested here.


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