Blogmas Day One to Six

Hello Hello! As you can see I have started Blogmas again this year! Obviously late, but you know me. Truth be told, I forgot about Blogmas and the fact that it's December already, i'm still in Novemberland at the moment. 

Anywho, the reason for these dark and depressing photos has to do with my mood and my health recently. I've been pretty sickly since last Saturday, so i've been spending a lot of time in bed, hence the photos above. I've been staring out the window for the most part and watch a lot of YouTube at that. 

Other than that, i've been busy with family as my grandmaw-maw was in hospital for surgery this past week and i've been trying to juggle working while being around for her and my grandpaw and mum. That was tough on it's own, on top of the Husb being away in the US of A till about Wednesday. Sometimes I really wish I could clone my self so that I could be everywhere at once. 

Aside from that, this coming week will be crazy again, till about next pay day. I feel like money matters are a never ending stress. I can't wait to be done with so much of this crap. And it's all due to mistakes i've made THREE YEARS AGO. Yup. I said THREE years ago!

Anyway, I won't bore you with my problems. Btw, if you see me slacking on the Blogmas posts this month please throw a cupcake at me or something to remind me! kthanksbye.

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