Blogmas Day Twenty-Three

As you can tell, I'm 10 plus days overdue for a Blogmas post... but nothing exciting happened, trust me, you didn't miss a thing! I will say though, in the last ten or so days I have received so many gifts from patients, friends and doctors at work - it's been so overwhelming! 

As we are in the holiday season, it's that time of the year again when we attend lots of dinner parties, enjoy yummy food, receive gifts and shop all those amazing deals! But jokes aside, it's a time to share, give and love and enjoy! Although, I don't celebrate Christmas I still reap all the benefits or "all the fun" if you will, because why not?! 

My holidays this year are not as exciting as they have been in previous years, which means I don't have as many days off as i'd have liked, but such is life. So I will just make the best of it and enjoy!

What are your holiday plans?


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