Blogmas Day Seven to Thirteen.

As you can tell, I really stink at this Blogmas thing. Daily posts are clearly not my thing. It became really hard for me to keep up with posting everyday due to my job and the family responsibility I took on this past week - plus a lot of the time there is nothing interesting going on. So, I picked and chose a few interesting (and I mean that lightly) things I did/ got this week. 

I bought some new dark polishes for the winter season along with some everyday perfume. I will definitely talk more about it in a future beauty post. Also, i've been wanting to colour my hair for a little over a year now but wasn't sure on what I wanted. I've really been into Balayage lately but i'm not into bleaching my hair for the blond portion. So for now, i've just decided to dye my entire head a deep red colour that I chose from Vidal Sassoon. I will show the final result in post in the next few days for you all to see! 

I've been really into my adult coloring book lately! Oh my! I start one page and then I jump onto another page because I see another design I like. It's a lot of fun to do after a long day of work while watching my favourite TV show - something I have been doing a lot lately! 

As I have been spending a lot of time at my grandparents place and while I was there I found this little keepsake of my brother and I. It is so cute! And we have tons of memorabilia like this at the family home but its all mostly in boxes in storage so for me to find this out of nowhere is pretty sweet! 

How is your December going so far?
- SMS XO   


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