Study Date

It's exactly 9:34 AM as I write this in my mismatched pj's sitting on the floor with my laptop on a pillow. So glamorous! But this is my reality and I like to tell how it is.

This Study Date happened a few weeks ago as well, around the same time as Cecil's Birthday, so again I am late posting this. 

I actually didn't do any studying since I am not in school atm, but I dragged along a friend who is so we could spend some time and I could get some work done. 

I was a really nice few hours, since I joined her after my shift at work then we sat in the car on her driveway and I kid you not - talked for hours because by the time I got home it was around 1 AM on a weekday. 

Waaaaaayyyyy past Saf's bed time. Thank for that, V. 

What I really love about this, is the little time we got to spend just laughing and talking as friends. Aside from the fact that it took me 2 hours to connect to the WiFi, which led me to call the coffee shops looser hotline (AKA Customer Service - yes, I really called) for help. Neither my laptop or phone would connect, meanwhile the other bazillion people sitting there were happily watch YouTube videos or on Facebook. 

I'm not completely illiterate when it comes to technology, but trust me, I couldn't for the life of me figure it out. Thanks to a lovely CSR named Yohan; who not only asked his co-worker for a second opinion, but stayed on the phone with me the entire time and walked me through different options. 

All that aside, it turned out to be a huge laugh, because I said a bunch of incredibly stupid things thinking he couldn't hear me while on hold. But he did and even had a good laugh at me. 

Great Saf. Just great. Way to-go making a fool out of yourself out in public. That was sarcasm right there.

Anyway it was a memorable day for me for those reasons, that's why I chose to share it with you!

Btw, i'm belting out to a Bollywood song rigggghhhttt nowwww. Mental pictures in your brain? You're welcome.


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