Cecil's Birthday

You are probably wondering where i've been since my last post, but that will be explained soon - I promise! For now I will leave you with snaps of a good friends birthday that I attended 2 weeks ago. 

Her name is Cecil, and she was/ is a coworker (long story) of mine and a good friend. She actually taught me a lot during my last job when we worked more closely together. We actually didn't click at first and we were not very close, but the universe works in mysterious ways and eventually we became good friends and "kabob-buddies" (inside joke). We kept in touch and then she eventually encouraged  me to join my current job. 

We have quite an age difference but that doesn't affect how much fun we have together or the kinds of conversations we have. One thing I can always expect from Cecil when I see her is a great big smile and a huge look of surprise, followed by a "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" - always! 

Cecil's birthday was a lot of fun, especially since this was my first attempt at Karaoke! I usually sing in the shower but it isn't as fun as this! Cecil and her friends were adamant about having me sing on my own, I was too shy but they won in the end- that too I belted out to popular Bollywood songs! Probably the first and last time! Celeste and I danced to Silento's Watch Me (AKA Whip/ Nae Nae) and totally killed it, all of the other guests had a good laugh and finally joined in. There was lots of Filipino food and snacks and we finally finished of the night with a huge piece of handmade cake! 

It was such a fun day, and I can't wait to celebrate with her again next time!


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