Saf's Lazy Sunday

My lazy Sunday started off pretty bleh since the weather was quite gloomy, it just put me in a really boring mood. After about 4 minutes of lazy cleaning, I decided I didn't want to spend the rest of the day vacuuming dust bunnies and doing my lovely laundry - oh, don't even get me started with the leaning tower of Pisa happening in the kitchen sink at the moment. I had boring errands to run that I forgot to do on Saturday, so I decided to get ready and do something productive. While I was out, I had this marvelous idea to hit up my local IKEA . 
Let me tell you first off that I've been put on a spending ban by the Husb, so the wallet (although full) was not "allowed" to be opened this lazy day. Le sigh. But that didn't stop me from a bit of window shopping at my favourite place in the world. I put on a bit of makeup (shock, horror), pulled over a warm hoodie, some sweats and my black converses and I was out the door! 
First rule of thumb if you are thinking of going to IKEA on a weekend, take my advice and DON'T! And I don't mean that lightly. I should've known it would've been crazy and super busy, but honestly, for a second it felt like it was Christmas time, there was so much rush! Parking was nuts, the people were nuts, their children were nuts - for a second I had to rethink why I decided to come in the first place. 
But I didn't give up, got myself a catalogue and trecked on! The first place I ended up was the wonderful showroom - oh, it's heaven in there! Aside from wanting everything I set eyes on; my reason for going was needing some home essentials. A lot of furniture we had, was either thrown out or left back at our old place because we couldn't bring it with us. We didn't get an opportunity to buy things for this new place since we've moved in, aside from a few pieces, however, they aren't very functional at the moment. 
When I say "essentials" I mean that very lightly, because everything in IKEA becomes an "essential" all of a sudden. For example, that vibrant pink vase becomes a sudden need, and you begin to justify and make excuses as to how that pink vase will change your life. Let me tell you, i've done it all. I've even managed to convince the Husb who is away in the US of A at the moment, to buy me this tiny dressing table for $200 that I absolutely "need". Meanwhile, we are out of a bed. But who needs a bed right? A dressing table is way more important!
Jokes aside, I really went to get an idea for things that we maybe need and whether or not they would even fit in the space we have. I'm a tedious planner and I need to see things beforehand, so this trip pretty much gave me an idea of what I would find in my budget with the space that I have in this apartment. My shop at IKEA was a fun one, I picked up a few dish towels and a drawer cutlery organizer for my kitchen, not super exciting but definitely needs! It's funny how things, when they are neat and tidy, make you feel so good! 

After my little shop, I finished my up my other errands and bought lunch and headed home for some relaxation before Monday arrives. How was your sunday? Let me know!


  1. Hahaha I on the other hand was up at 7am to do the laundry, wash the dishes (loved your description of your pile of dishes btw) and hang up new curtains!! So we switched Sundays, it seems! Now I wish I could go back in time and sleep late and be lazy because it's Monday :(

    Hope you have an awesome week ahead!

    PS. Please write about HOW you cope with the Husb away? I think I would spiral into a sort of depression lol

    1. Good to see you here! Looks like we did a lot of the same things! I know that feeling of wanting to go back into time, I always feel that way Sunday night!
      Thank you so much for your post suggestions! Trust me when I say haven't forgotten!

  2. lovely . I wish there was a Ikea were I live ;(

  3. I love going to Ikea tooo!! There decore is amazing. We should go together sometime


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