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This post might be a little raw and unedited because it literally came to my brain as I was trying to be human and clean, something I loathe doing. I looked around at my apartment and became frustrated with everything. I love where I live, don't get me wrong, but I can't understand, where did all these things come from? When did I accumulate all this stuff?  I asked myself, is it just me or have we become generation stuff? An extremely materialistic and entitled generation with endless WANTS. 
I have this insane urge to just throw everything out, not completely sure why but I think it will do me some good. Sometimes I imagine living the simple life with only a few belongings, and I mean just the necessities, to see what life would be like. But then again, when I looked around, I realized that we are constantly bombarded by magazines, TV, social media and even by our friends/ colleagues to want the latest phones, shoes and trends. That makes the craving for "stuff" hard to curb.
I was thinking about how different things were when I was younger and I didn't have as much as I do now. Yes, it was a different time, but what has changed? Why are we no longer happy with what we have? Why do we always seem to want more than we need? I do think that capitalism, e-commerce and economic growth definitely play roles into this type of development. I'm just having a hard time understanding how I have gotten sucked into this crazy spiral of greed. 
Then again it gets me thinking that this all could just be my own hoarding ways and nothing else. Maybe, i'm just blowing this all out of proportion?! Maybe I just have too many beauty products, clothing, books, knick knacks and other crap that its literally driving me mental. Or maybe I could be on to something? Your thoughts? 

Off to clean up my stash,

Sorry if this was really poorly written and executed, I normally don't write like this, I know, but I felt the need to get this out. 


  1. Loved this post Saf!! On Saturday I was in this mood to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter around the house. I ended up packing out my cupboards, packed everything that I haven't used in the last 6 months in a huge bag that is now waiting to be dropped off at a shelter (this all happened before breakfast!!) It can be so difficult to live a simple life with all the distractions around us but it is something I want to get right for myself too! I feel so fresh and rejuvenated after getting rid of that clutter - I just hope I don't go back to replacing it with more things I have no need for!

    Great post Saf! I can completely relate to it! Keep doing what you are doing Xo

    Nihaad - the little blog of STUFF

    1. That is my exact aim for the next weekend or so! I want to de-clutter and donate!
      I completely agree, it really does get overwhelming! That's a problem that I think i'm going to have..... wish me luck!
      I love that I get to see your lovely comments on my posts, makes me so happy!
      THANK YOU <3


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