rain, rain, go away.

Forgive me for the picture heavy post, I feel like it's been ages (correct me if i'm wrong) since I did a post like this. For some reason, since the weather has gotten warmer, it's been raining every single weekend here, which is quite annoying. This post was meant to be an OOTD, but it turned into a complete disaster due to the on and off heavy rain and my wonderful forgetfulness after I left my tripod at home. Nice job, Saf! I thought I could get away with taking some quick photos outside, but as soon as i'd get out of the car it would pour! 

I tried to wait it out, but no bueno! So instead, I toured around my city, sipping on my fave Ice Cappucino, listening to awesome music, while taking some car selfies. Yup, i'm a multi-tasker. 

I had to run some errands and pic up some dinner essentials, so it was a pretty good day minus the gloomy weather. I really didn't put much effort into my outfit, because honestly, I wanted to be warm and comfortable - which I think I achieved well! The gladiator sandals might have been a bad call, since I had to skip over puddles every so often, but my feet really needed to breath after being trapped in my Nike's all week at work! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! What did you do on your Sunday?


  1. Loved your outfit, you look so pretty dear <3


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