I do a lot of weird things. Say a lot of weird things. And think about a lot of weird things. For example: I like to wear lots of unmatched jewellery and take nontraditional photos. Why? I dunno, go ask your neighbour. I have my own language. No joke, ask my friends. I speak SAF.  Where 'you' turns into ju, and 'what' turns into vhhaattt.  Why? I dunno, maybe because my brain is bored of the English language? DUH. I often think about things that really have no relevance to my life. Like why is blue cheese called blue cheese?, and why is that sales clerk talking to her coworker in that VERY friendly way? Maybe she has the hots for him? Why is she acting so extra for? Fool ... just... be yourse... - OKAY, you get the idea. 
I'm OUTLANDISH. There are no other words I can think of at the moment. So I guess this means I carry the weird gene. But that's okay, right? You normals out there: don't you agree that the world would be a boring place without the likes of us weirdos? 

Deep down we are all a little outlandish. Some of us express it, and others don't. Ju agree?


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