May is over and June has arrived, which means amazing weather, BBQ's and fun times! I can't help but feel that May passed by too quickly, because seriously, where is this year going?! 2015 is flying by! 

What are my plans for this month?
See a few old faces, make the most of my days off, say YES more often, eat better. and be happy! I think these are all pretty achievable (don't ya think?), and i'm super excited to cross each one off my list, and you can be sure that I will let you know how it goes! 

Aside from that, nothing that exciting going on this month, as I just started a new job so a vacay is completely out of the question, however, Ramadhan is due to arrive on the 18th so that's what I am looking forward to. 

This was just a quick hello to June. Let me know what you guys are up to this summer/ month or what you have been up to.

More later,


  1. I totally agree with you, can't believe that half of 2015 is almost over! Festive season not too far now!

  2. Congrats honey for your new job. Have a great day <3

  3. Ramadan is around the corner and I am so not ready yet. Gotta get on that!! Hope you have a blessed month. Always a pleasure to read your posts. Keep em comin '!


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