30 Day Challenge: Day 7 & 8

Day 07 — Your Favorite animal

Since I'm running behind with my 30 Day Challenge, i've decided to speed things up a bit and double up the days and posts as they are quite short. My favourite animal? Well, this is a hard one because I love: bears, baby elephants, cats, parrots, penguins, horses, panda bears, and butterflies. If I absolutely had to choose my absolute fave, then it would the Leopard. Hands down, such an amazing, fierce, stunning animal, so what's not to love? When leopard print became a fashion trend, I was super excited (but only until it became Leopard print overload and made me want to gag) that I would be able to wear my fave animal around my neck or on my feet. Leopard print is so different from other wild cat prints - and not that they aren't beautiful in their own, but there is something special and intricate about the shape and colour of the pattern that I appreciate. Enough about me, let me know below what your favourite animal is!   

Day 08 — A photo that makes you laugh
My cousins may kill me for posting this, but whenever I see this photo, this makes me laugh. My Swedish babies are some of the kookiest girls I know! They never fail to make me laugh and this photo just reminds me of how much fun we always have together. They have such vibrant personalities and this photo captures just that! Man, I miss these girls! Hope to see them again soon! 
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