Your Boyfriends T-shirt.

No, I'm not wearing YOUR boyfriends T-shirt. I'm telling you to wear it. Borrowing your significant others clothes is the best! I honestly feel like I have more options in his closet than my own and love that I have it at my disposal. Yesterday, we had taken a little trip through East Gwillimbury, and stopped to walk through the trail at the York Regional Forest. I didn't have much of an outfit on, I just threw on what ever I felt like wearing; including my Husbs long sleeve Mark's t-shirt, my statement necklace from Accesorize, and black Converses'. It was one of those "i'll wear what I want" moods, and I didn't even care if it went together or not. To top if off, I ruffled up my hair (which looks a lot like a mop) to finish it off. So stylin' right? The only thing missing was a Beenie, but I forgot to bring it a long. The snow is starting to melt away and the weather seems to be getting better. Hopefully, my frown will turn upside down once it get's warmer up in hurrrr.