So, Saf went shopping. Oh yes, she did! Recently, husbs gave me some dolla bills to waste on my self, and the first thing I did was hit up my local outlet mall for some bargains! Although, this isn't the entire haul, I decided to show you a few of my favourite pieces from my shop (otherwise you will be reading this till next week!) and I hope to show you the rest in an OOTD - so stay tuned!  
This pretty mint thing caught my eye as it was tucked away on the rack while I browsed around at The Gap. It's the perfect lightweight long sleeve top for spring that can even be worn as a transition into the summer. The gorgeous mint shade makes me so happy and cheery, that as soon as I saw it, I knew that I needed to have it in my closet! Pair this with a cute pastel pink statement necklace and some jeans, et voila! you have the perfect outfit! 
You will notice a long sleeve trend going on in this haul - sorry not sorry, they are my faves! This top is from the Joe Fresh line, and let me tell you I spent a lot of time at this store. There were so many great finds, I wish I could have them all! This green and blue striped long sleeve top is incredibly light and comfortable - perfect for the sprint time! There are small details like the buttons along the wrists of the sleeves and the neck details that made me fall in love! As soon as I saw this top, I immediately thought of pairing it with a pair of oxblood skinnies and a bright statement necklace - whadya think?
I am a maxi-dress lover, and a firm believer that they look great on any body type. During my browse around Banana Republic, I came across this heather grey maxi dress, featuring 3/4 sleeves for an amazing price! This dress is so comfortable to wear! I'm thinking of pairing it with these Converses' and a crossbody for laid back look. How would you style this dress? 
I bounce around a lot with my weight loss regime and really needed some motivation. My answer was getting me some cool work out gear! Along with some amazingly comfortable sports bras (not shown for obvious reasons), I picked up these two Athletic Works workout t-shirts, both for a steal at my local Walmart. The material is super comfortable and not to mention breathable (very important when you are sweating bullets)! I can't wait to finally workout! 
I picked this up as an "impulse buy" while in line at the checkout at Forever 21 and let me tell you this was THE BEST buy of my entire trip since it was under 75 cents - no joke and I had no idea until I got to the counter and was wrung up. It's such a bad-arse bangle! This lightning bolt (or zig zag?) piece of jewelry is pretty cool and unlike anything else I own which is perfect! I think this will look great layered along with other colourful bracelets and bangles! 
I like this style of t-shirt so much I picked up two (from Joe Fresh)! I call this the boyfriend tee, laid back, loose and so comfortable. My fave part about this is tee, is the semi-bat wing sleeves and the print. I love that they add a super casual feeling to the top, and it reminds of something I might wear to a weekend lunch. The material is lightweight and perfect for summer, but paired with a cardigan can be appropriate for Spring as well. I might pair it with some flats, jeans, a large handbag and a pair of sunnies for a casual weekend look!
These babies. Are. Life! Also from Joe Fresh; I came back to these beauts again and again during my roam around the store. So much so, and elderly lady kept making weird faces every time I came back to look at them. LOL. I love the style of these loafers but wasn't sure if the plaid was my thing. They started to grow on me as I clinged to them while browsing around - super excited I decided to get them! 
THIS. JUMPSUIT. IS. MY. LOVE. This was THE BEST find of my entire shopping trip! I've been wanting to buy one of these for YEARS but never found one I really liked (or could afford! LOL) until now. I came across this while at Banana Republic, the same time that I found the grey maxi dress (shown above). This was literally the diamond in the rough and it was calling my name! I have to admit, my short stubby frame doesn't do this piece justice, but honestly, I could care less. Typically, this jumpsuit looks amazing on ladies with taller frames (I envy you all!), but it's not an issue for me. I will rock this on my 5 ft tall body whether it suits me or not! #wearwhatyouwant 
I honestly can't remember the last time I wore a good pair of jeans. Must have been high school?! Anyway, if you are looking for a quality pair of jeans, The Gap is the shiz. So far this is the only place where I have found jeans that fit amazing and that you can wear for 100 years. Along with the jeans, I picked up a pair of printed skinny pants for spring time, which I think would go perfect with a cardigan and tank or the mint long sleeve (shown above), some jewelry and flats! 
Another long sleeve tee? and that too striped? ....and grey? Saf, do you have a problem with prints and colour? No! No! No! I didn't realize till I got home that I picked up another striped comfy long sleeve top (from The Gap)! I just couldn't help it, they are so versatile and easy to style that i'm a total sucker! Again, extremely lightweight material, and perfect for spring/ transitioning into summer and the overall quality of the top is just what I was looking for. I picture this top, paired with the jeans (shown above), and some flats - another perfect casual outfit!

What amazed me the most during my shopping adventure was the stores that I no longer had interest in shopping at. I will admit that my taste in clothing has changed significantly, and some stores no longer appeal to those tastes. I went through the pieces I had chose (incuding the ones not shown), and found that a year or two ago, I would never had even looked twice at some of those items. It's interesting that I have a liking for more "grown up" for lack of a better word; and refined clothing and shops. In basic words, I am no longer a Forever 21 and Urban Planet sucker, I, have moved on. 


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