what I cannot see through the naked eye.

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted eye glasses. So much so that I even tried to fake an eye exam. Lame, I know. But I couldn't help it, at the age of 6, I thought people who wore glasses were admirable and looked smart! Fast forward 17 years, who knew I'd needed a pair and now I can't live without these bad boys. 

I first started noticing the issue with my eyes while driving. I could no longer see street signs, distance, or the cars in front of me. TV's and theatre screens looked blurry, and I could hardly see peoples faces that were 10 ft away. Evening and night times were the worst, and driving seemed like a real task. I had to do something about it and finally set myself up for an eye exam. I went in, a little giddy with excitement at the possibility of owning a pair of my very own spectacles. This time the eye exam proved a lot more difficult, and after 100 left and rights, blinking lights and clickers, the Optometrist, Dr.P, told me I def needed le glasses. 

Et voila! I tried on what seemed like the entire store, and finally picked out a Tory Burch pair as well as a Michael Kors pair (which is currently on hold for me!). Unfortunately, I had to choose between the two since i'm not particularly blessed in the finance department. After 2 hours (I kid you not) of deciding, I chose the Tory Burch pair, because of the stylish frame. I always thought I would go with a plain black, zero hardware pair of glasses, but I surprised myself this time. 

I figured, since it was my very first pair, I'd get something a little fancier and saved the MK pair for next time. I love everything about these glasses, from the classic Tory Burch logo hinge, the tortoise pattern on the inner frame, and the the overall shape. The box and dust bag were the perfect added  classy touch! 

But aside from all the friff and fraff; glasses have made my life easier, as they've given me the ability to see again... things I cannot see with my naked eyes. 


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