The World's Coolest Bookstore.

I think I need to start a series on this blog called "Where Saf Wants to Go" because I've come across some really cool places that I'd like to visit! Okay, before I get carried away ... let's get back to the post! 

Where I live, our major bookstore is Chapters/Indigo. We don't have a lot, (or any for that matter) mom and pop bookstores around anymore. I love these kinds of places, and i'm always on the hunt for cool and interesting places to hang out. But with books? Heck yeah! That's a dream come true! Recently, I was watching a YouTube video and Bart's Books was mentioned. I ignored the Youtuber speaking and decided to find out what Bart's Books was all about ... I'm extremely glad I did. 

Although I've never been, I feel like I know what the atmosphere is like. Relaxed and comfortable is what comes to mind. What's really interesting about Bart's Books is that it's an outdoor bookstore that also operates using the honorary system. There are books shelved all around the store, including outside the walls, meaning that even when the store is closed, you can buy access/ buy books. Brilliant isn't it?! 

Bart's Books of Ojai is located in California, USA (road trip anyone?).


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