Carpal Jewels.

The big jewellery lover that I am, couldn't resist these beauties hand made by one of my lovely patients. Funny thing is, she was wearing a pretty pink beaded bracelet when I last saw her and it really caught my eye. I complimented her on it and let me know she hand made it. Her husband then let me know that she actually sold them too. We got talking away and she mentioned Jade stones, then I was sold! That's what you call business! She customed made these bracelets for me, according to the stones and colours I wanted. My mum and grandmother are also big jewellery people, especially when it comes to bracelets. Infact, Jade is my grandmother's favourite so I knew I had to incorporate that into hers. 

The bracelets are wonderfully hand made, and of great quality. And what I love the most is, the designer only uses real stones for her jewellery, so you really get what you pay for. Each bracelet comes with a small description of the stones including what the stones symbolizes. It's a nice special touch to the product. For example, in my Green Jade bracelet the description read: "Is a symbol of serenity, it increases love and nurturing". Jade definitely makes me feel serene! 

It's a small home-based company called Leticia Designs. If you are interested you may contact the seller at for more information. I'm super excited to pair my bracelet, stacked with others and my silver classic Casio watch. Maybe you will see it in an upcoming post soon! 
P.S. Just an FYI, Carpal = wrist


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