Posts That Never Made It: Hair dyed.

So this happened ... months ago actually. But you all know me, I'm a late bloomer. Better late than never! To be completely honest, I forgot to post this until I was deleting photos from my camera and to my horror photos of my recent hair dying experience. I've been dying my own hair (only) since the last two years and it's been over six months since my last dye job. My naturally hair has been growing in since and I had grown to love it again. That didn't last for very long because I got bored AGAIN. I wanted change. But I didn't know what.... I knew that I didn't want to dye my entire head this time and I just wanted little bits of colour. I thought about my peek-a-boo highlights from years ago, and the Ombre trend that was going on since last year... One thing was for sure: I didn't want to go to a salon - at least not yet (if I messed up I'd be running to one real quick). 

I finally decided on a mix of Balayage/ Ombre. I'm sure everyone knows what Ombre is but you might be thinking what the frig is Balayage? In simple words, it's some kind of French technique for "sweeping" the colour to create a more natural gradient affect. That probably didn't make sense ... google it for your own sake. LOL. So basically I didn't use a professional colouring brush to apply the colour, instead I used only my hands. Before that, I popped into my local drugstore and just stared at the wall of hair colour for 25 minutes. Mind blown. I had confidence booming out of my ears until it came to choosing a colour. I brought the Hubs along (big mistake) and he just huffed and puffed. He didn't understand why it took to long to choose a colour. "Just take this." he said. It was literally the first box of dye he laid eyes on. Funny thing is, it was dark brown. I just looked at him with a face. "Okay, then how about this?" Men, I tell you - he picked up a platinum blond hair dye. Sighs.

Finally, I decided on L'Oreal Feria Wild Ombre in 080 and I'm happy I did. I'm really happy with the results, but I actually wish I had chosen a lighter shade (maybe the husb was right!). Anyway, this is one of the multiple posts that didn't make it on the blog (on time). I have a couple of more in this series that I would like to post for your reading pleasure. Let me know what you think of these posts!


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