Posts that never made it: Broncos and Badlands

Here's another one of them posts that never made it on the blog till now. I meant to post it in the Summer time but never go around to it. Soon Fall and then Winter arrived and it just seemed irrelevant, however, the photos are beautiful. Especially the horses - such stunning animals! Horses are my fave animals after Bears and Leopards, so that is why you see them so frequently on this blog!

The badlands in Caledon, Ontario are another one of my favourite places to go when you feel like getting away but can't go too far from home. The pictures do no justice, the scenery is amazing!!
This post was nothing more than a reminder for myself to take a deep breath, be thankful, and enjoy what I have as opposed to what I don't. As you know, I love long drives (and if you didn't know that you haven't been here long enough! Go catch up on these posts!), they can really help clear your mind and are a perfect way to get some fresh air!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of posts that never made it!
Later days,


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