Blogmas Day Fifteen

Funny enough, You had a bad day by Daniel Powter is playing in my head as I write this. Actually it's not funny, it's creepy. But truth is, I had a bad day. Even though I woke up, showered, ironed my clothes, wore earrings (for gods sake), and decided to start my day with a positive attitude: I had a freakin' bad day. I'm frustrated, frazzled and annoyed. I just want to hibernate in my bed, under the covers and never get out. Oh well, only occasionally to eat of course! But jokes aside, it's hard when you literally have the whole world constantly battering you down about their own concerns.
I AM ONE PERSON. I ONLY HAVE ONE BRAIN. I CAN ONLY RETAIN AND REMEMBER SO MUCH, YOU A**H*LE. I didn't really say that. I promise I didn't. I normally am a patient person but I HATE when people push my buttons. I ranted in the car to Hubs, but poor guy, he was focusing on getting ready for work himself. Since I have the house to myself, I decided to cook a pasta dish, pour me some pomegranate cranberry juice, pop on some YouTube, throw on some PJ's and just relax! Oh, I finished off the night Snapchatting with the bests, and eating Ferrero Rocher. Yup, it's gonna be a good night. 

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