Blogmas Day 24 & 25

Happy holidays everyone! I celebrated Christmas Eve with some old and new friends in Toronto. It was really nice to meet new people that I felt like i've known already for ages!! There was lots of food and gossip, which equals the perfect get together! On our way home, my friend took me to her workplace where they had some really cool artifacts in the main lobby (hence the photos of the telescope and tattered books). There was all sorts of things from an old type writer, maps of Toronto (including one of a planned Insane Asylum!!), and an old microscope among other things. Today, Christmas day, was very relaxing. I slept in, lazied around and ate a home cooked brunch made by the Husb, and went for a long drive through Richmond Hill and Markham, coffee in hand of course! I've been wanting to make Manchurian Tofu for a VERY long time, and since I had the time, I decided to experiment today! It turned out amazing and that ended up being dinner! Nope, no turkey or mashed potatoes for us! I don't celebrate Christmas so it was a usual holiday for me. We finally settled down to watch this movie while we snack on some fruits. I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas!
That's all for today!


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