Blogmas Day 19 & 20

Hi yall! I've combined yesterday and today's Blogmas posts since I wasn't able to post yesterday due to having so much fun! Day 19: Today was the first time in AGES that I actually slept in and enjoyed it immensely. Who knew that sleep was such a luxury?! I ate a big breakfast, dressed up (shock. horror.) grabbed a coffee and off we went to run errands! Afterwards, we made Hyderbadi Biryani (from scratch) for dinner, and decided to end the night with a late night show of: PK. Such an amazing movie! It was really something special and I would definitely recommend watching it! 
The highlight of today was my first time attempt at Veggie Casserole, which I must say, turned out to be quiet delicious. SO yummy and SO hearty! Perfect for a cold winter's day like today. It was fairly easy to make and I only used what I had in my fridge and pantry.
Can't wait for a relaxing Sunday, tomorrow! 


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