First off, Eid Mubarak lovelies! I celebrated yesterday with family, friends and food (so much food, that i'm having a hard time sitting up - LOL)! You may be a little confused at the title of this post, but your eyes did not decieve you, this is an outfit post. I know I know, I'm totally contradicting myself with this post here but I was actually feeling super comfortable in this outfit and decided to post it. It was still difficult for me to post, and a lot of the photos didn't make it but I tried my best to keep an open mind when selecting the pictures. Also, please note that I look super awkward in some of the photos, but it was really windy and my outfit and hair were all being blown all over the place. OKAY, enough justification - let's get onto the post! 
Selfie time! 
Growing up in an Indian household is something I absolutly love (minus the Desi mentality, but i'll save that for another post), I was very exposed to everything, including food, language, entertainment, and of course clothing! So when the festivities rolled around, it was inevitable that i'd be wearing an indian outfit, be it salwar suits or lehengas. We (including my brothers an I) were the kids who wore Desi clothes to our non-indian friends birthday parties - yup, those kids. At the time, I hated it but now i'm so thankful to my parents for that because I feel like living outside of the motherland, we hardly get the opportunity to wear cultural clothing. In my opinion, Eid is not complete without dressing up in cultural outfits! 

For Eid Ul Adha, I chose this green, multi-patterned, multi-textured pakistani outfit. I usually have my suits made/ planned WAY ahead of time but for some reason, this year I left my outfit purchasing to the last minute. I attended an Eid Mela, which is so much fun btw! There are so many vendors selling jewellery, clothing, and accessories as well as food and henna-application stalls. I haven't gone to a Mela in years, so when I went this time I was literally like a kid in a candy store, jumping around from stall to stall! I bascially found this outfit on a whim, it was hiding amongst other suits on a rack and I almost walked away from it but something about it caught my eye and I knew I had to have it. What really sold me was the dupatta (scarf) which was first hidden, the seller pulled it out saying that that was the best part of the dress and I was sold (I got it at great price too)! 

I kept jewellery to a minimum (my silver S ring from Joy Alukkas London, Black faux-stone bracelet from Aldo, Gold stone studs from Forever 21 (not shown), and my gold arabic necklace which was a gift from Saudi) since the dress was so loud on it's own, and I paired my Mexx cut out clutch, as well as my Carniege Blue Spring Wedges (which was a birthday gift from the Husb). I think everything came together really well - minus my hair which was not cooperating with the wind. I also didn't apply much makeup and kept the eyes dark with black eyeliner and mascara. 

I hope you enjoyed this post - let me know what you think! 
Until next time,


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