90's Choker Necklaces: Hot or Not?

All images from Asos
Does anyone remember these?! I was notorious for wearing these (along side my short short pixie cut) at the age of (i'd like to say) 7 or 8 years old? I had every colour, with beads and embellishments - you name it, I had it! These were my fave! I love that they were stretchy and so easy to put on. Ocassionally, I would even wear them on my head (my head was much smaller back then)! Hippie head bands all the way! 

BUT. For some reason, they are making a comeback some 16 years later. Uhhmm. Not sure how I feel about that. Two of my favourite youtubers, Melissa from The Fashion Citizen and Dulce from Dulce Candy have been rocking these choker necklaces in some of their recent videos. Also, as I was having a peak (only a peak) through the Asos website, I came across these once again! As much as I loved (keyword here!) these bad boys, I don't think I would rock these again. Well ... I might wear it in my hair (if it fits around my big head, that is) but not around my neck. 

So here is my question to you, what do you think? Are these 90's Choker necklaces hot or not? Would you rock these? Did you ever rock these? Let me know below! 

Love ya!


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