Let's be real.

I've decided not to beat around the bush and get straight to the point. So here it is: I've been struggling with something over the last year or so, but more so the last few months. It's something everyone talks about or is dealing with. No, not difficult boyfriends, I mean weight. I have mentioned numerous times all over this blog that I would like to do more outfit posts for quite sometime now, and i'm sure you've noticed it has happened much ... I've taken many many photos, any chance that I got of the outfits I was happiest wearing or proud of but just couldn't get myself to post them. Ya' know why? I keep seeing a little bulge there, a roll here, and a non-existent thigh gap. I know it sounds silly but I can't help it. I just can't get myself to post them. As real, as I like to be on this blog, it's just something I can't face. 

So you're probably thinking, why not change it? Why not loose weight? Easier said then done. If you've read this blog long enough then you have seen my "healthy eating posts" - which I must admit, I did really well with at the time, but now? Not so much. I'll tell you myself, that i'm a foodie at heart. I have no shame admitting that and I've always been. It just seems as though since leaving the nest that i've changed my eating habits. It's all thanks to the hustle and bustle of daily life. But really it's my own fault, I know. I tried to take charge of it and cut out everything considered "bad food" but it didn't help, I ended up doing more damage. 

So until I am comfortable in my own skin, no outfit posts. I'm sorry if that's what came here for but  i'm going to be real with you - it's not happening. Not now, but maybe in the future sometime. Till then, I will be posting about other things, style/ beauty related which I hope you will stick around for. 
Finally got the courage to post this.
Taking baby steps to get to my ultimate destination. First step? Admitting and confronting the truth. I think I achieved that pretty well. Second step? Cutting out all those oh-so loved Iced Cappuccinos! 

Until next time,


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