Goodbye August, 'ello September!

I'm so excited that September is here that I left out the H for hello in the post title! Hello September and welcome (see my post from last year here)! Can I just say ... holey shiz time is flying! Funny thing is winter came and went and we were waiting for Summer, now summer is almost over and Fall will be upon us! But I don't mind because I love the Fall season! 

Fall for me means: combat boots, leggings, sweaters/ cardigans, scarves, cool dewy mornings, leaves changing colour, more long drives, being cozy and new hot drinks at my favourite coffee shop, I honestly can't wait! I wish it were Fall year round, so I could experience this beautiful season all the time.

This month is special for me because I turn 23 years old - something I can't quite get my head around. What. Is. Life. Seriously. I'm not sure about getting older, but I'm sure as hell happy about having some birthday cake! 

Another reason this month is exciting for me, has to be the little changes have come into play in terms of daily life happenings. August was just hands down terrible for me. I got caught in something that really messed up things. I experienced being left out with people in my life on more occasions than once. But it is what it is. I've pretty much gotten past all that but I won't lie, bits and pieces are still lingering around me. I'm not worried though, I have  more awesome things to look forward to!

I'm excited for September and what it has to offer! A new project is in the works with 3 of my best friends which I am super excited about! I have tons of ideas and i'm just waiting for the right time to put them into play! At the beginning of this month, I decided to make an effort to take better care of my bills/ finances and money (if you are interested in a post let me know), which I know am doing and so proud of. All it takes is baby steps! I'm leaving one life venture and sticking my foot into another - it just feels like things are finally (knock on wood) falling into place! 

Let's see what else this month has in store for me! What are you excited for this month?


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