Second Cup on a Saturday

First off, can you believe it's freakin' August already?!!? Where has time gone? Okay .... on to the post!

I said in this post here that I would talk about our little pitstop to Second Cup in a separate post so here it is (3 weeks late, but here nontheless!). After our day at the Farmer's Market, we decided we were not done with our day and chose a quiet coffee shop to sit down for some chit chat. Although I don't go to Second Cup as much as I like (I'm a Timmies girl), I do enjoy going and think of it more as a treat. The atmosphere/ ambiance is so calm and relaxed that it makes you feel like staying for hours (which often times we do!). I must say for a Saturday, (lucky for us) the shop was quite empty and quiet - just the way I like it! 

This time in particular, the bestie and I decided to get something to munch on and a drink. But what to choose? Second Cup has a large array of hot and cold coffees, as well as smoothies and shakes along with cakes, cookies, pastries and sandwiches - just as your average coffee shop would. We both knew we wanted something cold to sip on and decided to try the White Chocolate Chiller as recommended by the Barista. J picked a specialty sandwich, (which name I can't quite remember at this time) but what I do remember is it had 2 types of cheese, a smooth bun, and sliced red peppers - yum! The chillers were too sweet for my taste (I think J would agree), but the sandwich was divine! 

We munched, sipped and blabbed (in no particular order of course) for hours! But let me tell you, it was much much needed! I made me realize how much I miss taking time out of my life to see other people and get out of the daily grind to enjoy the things I love to do most! If I wasn't occupied on Saturdays, I would like to make it a weekly routine to visit different coffee shops and just relax with friends or a good book (or maybe just sit down and write a blog post!) - what ever it may be!



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