Black, Silver and a hint of Gold

The mister and I went out for a dinner date to Cafe De Khan a couple of weeks ago and I decided to wear one of my favourite jewels EVER! I decided to go all back with my outfit (too boring to post) and black and silver accessories. As I was digging through me jewellery box, I happened to grab this necklace and it made me smile. Without much though, I through it on, and didn't think twice about. This is what I'm going to wear whether it looks good or not and whether anyone likes it or not! This necklace is actually my mums (possibly from the 70's or 80's!?! Can I call that Vintage?). I took it off of her hands one day a few years ago but I haven't really worn it properly - however, I did keep it protected and safe! 
This necklace is honestly one of the most precious things I own, not only because of the personal attachment I have to it but because of the amazing quality and craftmanship. I wish they made jewellery the same way nowadays! The necklace has a lot of weight to it and the quality of the materials used is significant. These photos do the necklace no justice and i'm sure that I will feature it again on this blog soon! Since my mum had the necklace it has never tarnished and neither has it when i've been in possession of it as well which is amazing - because that makes it over 20 years old!!

I love everything about this necklace even the little hint of gold amongst all the black and silver. Just wanted to share this favourite piece of mine with you lovelies. Do you have a favourite piece of jewellery that you own? Tell me about it! 


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