Summer, the Season of Weddings!

It's summer time and that means wedding season is upon us! Along with the beautiful weather comes beautiful clothing! Weddings are a special time, and such an amazing opportunity to be a part of a milestone in someones life - so why not look your best?!

My tips for Men 
  • Light coloured shirts (such as pastels), and minimal patterns (such as narrow checkers) are ideal for summer weddings. 
  • Keep dark shades and patterns as evening time wear.
  • Short sleeves can look too casual, so I suggest leaving those for outdoor weddings such as on the beach. 
  • Long sleeves are the best choice and are perfect for outdoors or indoor venues, day and night time.
  • Check out my picks from Paul Fredrick below. 

Not sure to go with a 3 piece or 2 piece suit? 
Three piece and 2 piece suits are the most sophisticated and classic styles for wedding attire. If I had to choose between the two, i'd say the 3 piece, so dapper and gentlemen like! These style of suits are more appropriate for evening/ night wear (unless you are the groom of course!). However, 2 piece suits, in my opinion are perfect for both day and night, but there are no rules!

At the moment, i've been seeing a lot of men are adopting the classic gentleman style, wearing sleek 3 piece suits and bow ties. I've also notice that men are not afraid of pairing prints with other prints or colour blocking with their bow ties and dress shirts, which I think is so fab! One of my favourite trends i've been seeing is, crisp white shirts with dark navy checkers (or stripes) paired with kakhi pants. Woweee! 

I put together a few of my favourite pieces from Paul Fredrick as inspiration. I LOVE LOVE the multi coloured tie paired with the grey striped shirt. Add a pair of sleek khaki's and a nice shoe and you have one stylish man! 
1, 2, 3

My advice for Ladies!

  • Compliment your dates outfit, but don't be too matchy matchy! Go with a simple pocket square or matching tie. 
  • Take in to consideration the location of the venue, whether it's indoors or outdoors. 
  • Light colours such as yellow, purple, pink, green, and periwinkle and pastels are always appropriate for summertime, think light and airy. 
  • Dresses are the perfect outfit for women, keep in mind the cut and length. If dress is short, keep length to the knees, too short can be inappropriate. 
  • Save tight dresses and bandage dresses for another occassion. 
  • Necklines should be appropriate. Be mindful of the venue - religious places require more conservative clothing.
  • Keep dark shades for night/evening time.  
  • Only wear jewellery if necessary, take in to consideration any embellishments on your dress and match the jewellery accordingly. 
  • Keep it classy and simple, you don't want to look better then the bride! 
  • Have a look at some of my personal favourite picks, below. Let me know which dress you would choose! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I help give you some inspiration for your next summer wedding! If you have a man in your life that needs some appropriate attire for an upcoming summer wedding, check out Paul Frederick for the perfect outfit. 

* all images belong to the respective owners, please view my disclaimer. 


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