Out and About: Farmer's Market Shenanigans

This post was actually suppose to go up yesterday but I konked out before I got a chance to finish it, silly me! This is my third Farmer's Market visit (since my first post here), and I must say it gets better every time I visit! There were a lot more vendors and entertainment this time around which was great. Two of my bests came along with me to enjoy some outdoor time and to snack on some yumminess. There were lots of fruits, veggies, pastries, cupcakes and flowers! But that's not all! My friends and I picked up some cheese and jalapeno pretzels, spinach pastries (not shown) and fresh lemonade! The pretzels were so scrumptious and filling and the lemonade was delish! There is honestly nothing like fresh lemonade in the summer time! After our snacks were devoured, we had to say good bye to V as she had to go to work. Sad times. 
Something interesting about this particular day at the Farmer's Market,  was the Classic Cars Parade/ Show that was happening. This was the first time we experienced this and it was actually quite fun! The cars were in immaculate condition, so shiny, clean and spectacular! Correct me if i'm wrong, but I believe that a majority of these cars from from the 60's-80's?! My grandfather had something similar to the yellow car, (his was in black) when I was born (this was back in the late 80's to early 90's) but it had a flat tire for a majority of it's life and that's what I remember - haha! We also ended up being part of a small wedding parties' photo shoot, which took place right in the middle of the closed road with an entire audience. Quite a special memory isn't it? We had such a fun time at the Farmer's Market, minus the spitting rain! Our day didn't end there, J and I decided to hit up our local Second Cup for some sippies and chatter - but that's for another post, stay tuned for that! 


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