New Hair!

This time last week I chopped off a good few inches of my hair. Nothing super drastic or crazy (Don't worry, I'm not bald) just a slight change from the lions mane I had. I know I talked about going a lot shorter, almost shoulder length, as discussed in this post here. Although, I wanted a change, I knew I wasn't ready for anything too dramatic, and going short would be too much for me. Even a week later, I feel like my hairs' a little short (not really) BUT i'm still excited about it. The Mr. on the other hand, not so much. He is a fan of long flowy hair and when he saw my layers he was in awe. He honestly asked me what I did to myself, as if I decided to shave my head and die my eyebrows yellow... Let's just say that we do not speak of my hair. I secretly think he pretends it's a bad dream - hahaha!

Weirdly, I think my new hair makes me look younger (yay!), and i'm loving how the layers give my hair lots of volume! I love how healthy it looks and feels, and it's much easier to style and work with. I also opted for long thick bangs but kept a majority of the length. These photos did the style no justice what so ever, i'm not sure why I didn't wait to take better pictures, BUT I love how bouncy my hair was and I know it will never look like that again. I'll take better photos soon (maybe for Eid?!?) and post them when I do. For now you get raw, candid and sleepy faced Saf taking pics in her PJ's. Yep. I am wearing my PJ's (don't mind please!) in these pics. So shameless of me!

The colour is still the same, although my Mocha-esque colour faded (first seen in this post here), it still peeks through my natural colour which has grown in and looks as though I have lowlights! Score! Aside from that, nothing really special about it, I am really excited to curl it and see how it sits. I really need to learn to blowdry my hair with a round brush for volume but my hand-eye coordination is virtually non-existent!

Thoughts or suggestions on my new hair? Lemme know! 


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