Sunday Synopsis 010

Arm party. French Vanilla. Pad Thai for dinner. OOTN. Peeping toes. Hand chain made by yours truly.
Eid Festivities. New hair cut, DIY Necklace. Beautiful evening sky. First birthday cake. Tim's Oreo Ice Cap. 
This is a bit of a different Sunday Synposis post then what you are use to but I wanted to change it up a little. To be completely honest, originally this post contained the full size photos of all the images shown above; but paired with lots and lots of words it became a bit overwhelming to look at, so I decided to spare you (you're welcome). 

Here is a little peak into all the fun I've been getting up to from early June/July till now ... these are mostly highlights mind you, my life isn't that exciting ... I promise. As you can probably tell, I have quite a thing for jewellery and food. As well, you don't see my face anywhere here (what else is new?) but what you do see is my feet (a good substitute, no?). 

Let me know how you liked this Sunday Synopsis post, do you prefer them this way or with larger pictures and lots of words? Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here

See you soon, hopefully before next Sunday. Sighs. 


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