On Trend: Kimonos

one. | two. | three. 
I'm currently obsessed and loving the Kimono trend this year. I've found some amazing pieces at H&M, Forever 21 and the likes. Recently, I discovered that ASOS has some pretty Kimonos as well, and have picked a few of my favourites for this post. 

I'm a huge fan of the long Kimonos and am on the hunt for the perfect one with the perfect price. Yes, I'm taking prices here! Some of the Kimonos can cost $40 + which I think is a bit ridic (unless it's made out of pure gold or something of course). Out of the three featured above, I particular love #3. The colours and print is so appealing and so perfect for summer! 

Kimonos are perfect worn casual with jeans and a white tee or dressed up with black pants and a tank - oh, don't forget the accessories! Pair dainty jewellery and a pair of flats, and your good to go! 

Let me know what you think of Kimonos and if you would wear them! 

I think I actually should've made this a What Saf Wants post...but I'm broke so sitting here "wanting" things and window shopping isn't a good idea. Ya' feel me? Haha! 

* images belong to, collage made by yours truly.  


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