Collective Haul: Jewels & Pages

One of my favourite things to watch and read are collective hauls. As weird as it sounds, it's so fun to see what everyone is buying and talking about! It's almost like shopping vicariously through someone else and spending zero money! Hahah! I haven't done a Collective Haul in a year (my last one is here) and so I thought it was long overdue! This is a small haul, no big purchases, and everything was on sale! Cha-ching! 
Let's start with the jewels! Those who know me are aware of my love for jewellery. I love to design, wear, make, see, and buy it! I haven't actually "shopped" in what seems like ages, only because i'm using my dollars for other things that have taken more priority in my life but we will leave that for another post ... ANYWAYS! I was waiting for a friend after work and decided to hit up one of the shops next door (with no intention of buying of course!), I walked past the clothing and right to the jewellery stands. There I came across these beauties: 
Now I know that animal jewellery is not everyones cup of tea, but it certainly is mine! I have quite a few pieces of animal jewellery in my collection that I love! Everything from snakes, and elephants to leopards and tigers (sounds like a damn zoo)! I've just added foxes to my collection and i'm ecstatic about it. I showed this pair to a friend and she just made a face at me and said "why?" LOL. Not her cup of tea I guess! I think they're super pretty and elegant. I especially love the faux crystal (sparkling) eyes on the this pair - so pretty! I wore these out today with a plain outfit and the husb was appalled. He's goes, what are those scary things? Sighs. I guess, they're really NOT everyone's cup of tea! 
I have been on the hunt for a (nice) turquoise ring for ages and I haven't found one that I actually liked - until now! It's big and chunky and perfect as a statement piece! Another thing I love about it was the price, it was nice at $4.99! Can't wait to add this to my modest ring collection! 
I used to be a HUGE (dangly? new word!?) earring person back when I was in highschool but I haven't really worn any since. I'm not sure why, since I had a huge earring collection way back when. Now I prefer smaller earrings and studs. I guess somethings you grown out of! This particular pair caught my eye. It has a very dainty, handmade feel to it and they look so pretty when worn. I really like the gold wire detail and the beads and stones; gives it a bohemian chic feel. The photos do them no justice - seriously! Hopefully I can feature them in an outfit post sometime soon! 
Now onto the pages portion of this post! I'm a book/ reading lover (yes yes call me a noob), and without fail I visit my local bookstore at least once a month to get my hands on copies of two of my fave magazines and just to have a browse around the books. 
Teen Vogue is one of my fave magazines of all time. It's a good medium between Vogue and a teen magazine. Growing up, there wasn't much for youth interested in Vogue style fashion, all there was were teeny-boper gossip magazines, filled with articles about getting boys to like you and 100 different ways to kiss. Lame. The fashions featured in these magazines were shoddy and in bad taste - to put it nicely. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but still (!), showcasing Christina Aguleira (in her early "Dirty" days) wearing a bikini top emphasizing her belly piercing - which I don't think is appropriate for a teen magazine. Just sayin'. Thankfully, I came across Teen Vogue during my transition from middle school to high school and i'm glad I did! Definitely a much more mature take on fashion but still appropriate for the youngins'! 
Can we still be friends? The gold cover of this book is what first caught my eye and something told me to pick it up. I haven't started reading it yet but I will soon! Basically, it's about three best friends right out of University and the paths they take in each of their lives. I was particularly drawn to this book because of this, since two of my good friends and myself have been together since high school, and have gotten so preoccupied with our own lives that we hardly see each other anymore. We've chosen our own paths in life and are trying to stick together, and hopefully throughout all of our lives we can still be friends! Fingers crossed! 
Okay, i'll be the first to admit that the reason I bought this book only because it takes place in Bangalore, India - my home away from home. It's a rather sad book, about a woman who learns to take the reins when her husband doesn't return home... for good. Rather sad isn't it? All of sudden, she's responsible for her children, her home, her mother and herself. It sound's quite interesting (read a full synopsis here) and I can't wait to start reading! Although, I think I'll have to save it for a day where I'm in the mood to be consumed by lots of emotions (I'm quite the cry baby these days) - but that may not be anytime soon! I really hope this book has a happy ending ...

So that was my little collective haul! Let me know how you liked it! Let me know if you'd like to see reviews on the books featured in this post, or if  you have read these books before, let me know what you thought!

Later gator,


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