What Saf Wore: Casual Friday

Friday was the day of errands and chores and not much else so I thought to myself: why not pose next to the slabs beside the house and do an OOTD? Hurray! Note the sarcasm... I really love this outfit. I know it may not seem like its blog worthy but that doesn't really matter to me. It's "supposed to be warmer" out here in the North Americas but as you can tell it clearly isn't, I'm still wrapped up in my cozy knit from Jacob and long sleeve tee from Sirens. I'm a dark-wash-jean-kinda girl, so I chose this stretch pair from Sirens. Sage green flats were a STEAL from Walmart and my MK cross body was an anniversary gift from my lovely mum. 

The photos are a little awkward, I know, but 1) I can't seem to find my tripod and 2) my would-be photographer ran away. Another reason for the awkward photography was: my no-makeup-face (minus the eyeliner) and didn't want to scare you readers into unfollowing/ unsubscribing. Sighs. I'm all about that natural beauty but some of you may not be...haha! The shots of my face that did make it into today's post are an example of multiple times I tried to capture my smile but couldn't fight the wind. Have a good laugh, my right eye has disappeared completely! 

No jewellery, no perfect hair, no spectacular clothing, no fancy get up, no amazing pose. This is me on a regular basis, just the way you see here. I'm in whatever I feel comfortable wearing, when I feel comfortable wearing it. I've made a conscious decision to be as real as I can on this blog and that's what you will get from me. 

I'd love to know your thoughts, on the outfit, on the blog, on me - whatever it may be, I'm all ears. 
OH, the biggest news of all - I have a new camera! Hurrah! Nothing fancy but it will do and it's perfect! How are the photos by the way? 

Till the next one,


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