Sunday Synopsis 010

I feel like I haven't done a Sunday Synopsis post in ages! As we all know, I'm quite poor at keeping up with things (what else is new) but I'm going to try to be better - I promise! Monday was Victoria Day (bank holiday), the significance? I'm not sure. Something to do with the Queen!?!? Shameful that I don't know actually, forgive me - I'll google it and educate myself. ANYWAY. On to the post ...

one. & two. I love long drives and this past week we have been doing a lot of that; especially around the country side. There is something calming about driving around the outskirts of the city (I mean waaayyy out, to the point where you are in the boonies), it's lovely and so relaxing! We came across an amazing red tractor just parked along the road as if to say "hey, check me out!". It looked like something out of a movie but it was so cool! 

three. We made a trip down to Lakeshore (Mississauga) to spend some time by the water. Such a beautiful serene place, I wish I could stay forever! To see more of out trip to Lakeshore, check out my post here.  

four. & five. It's baby shower time! I attended a besties sister's baby shower this past Saturday and had a blast! I met some old and new faces! We ate, laughed, chatted, laughed some more. It was a nice get together, relax and spend time with friends. We played baby shower games and continued some awesome conversations well into the night - almost 2 AM to be exact! 

six. Today (Sunday) we made it out for an evening walk, during which I came across these beautiful flowers! It was honestly, it was the best part of my day. We ate an early dinner (which put me into a food coma btw) and set out for a long walk. I felt so rejuvenated and full of energy! I've made a pact with myself (let's see how long that lasts) to have dinner early and take evening walks around the park. I'll let you know how that goes! 

seven. Blog post prep! I bought a bunch of new jewellery pieces as well as books (all on sale!!) over a month ago and have been waiting to blog about it since. I've started the post already and hope to have it up asap! Look out for that soon! 

eight. My weekend ended with a piece of Red Velvet cake! Yum! The end of my week started to get a bit crappy with some bad news, but Soh made it all better by buying me CAKE! I swear, cake can cure! Who says cake is only for celebrations?! Funny thing is I used it to celebrate the bad news - hahaha! 

This week went by so quickly, it's unbelievable. Just look, it's already almost the end of May! Where has this year gone? Like seriously. 

Until the next,


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