Out and About: Lovely Lakeshore.

Feast your eyes! Another picture heavy post for your reading viewing pleasure! This time we went to Lakeshore in Mississauga just for some outdoor fun. As I mentioned in this post here; I am all about exploring and travelling around to place nearby to where I live, and this time we chose to go to Lakeshore. The photos above are all from the morning/afternoon on one side of the park and the photos below are from the evening time/ sunset lakeside at another point of the park. What a gorgeous place, eh? I have a vague memory of coming here with my besties for my 16th birthday and remember it just as beautiful.  

You may be wondering what I was doing with the tree in the first couple of photos .... I was attempting to climb it and one point (I did not succeed if you are wondering...) and I was also attempting to hide behind it as well. OH! I also decided to casually pose with the tree - as you would (am I weird or what?)... The next couple of images are of me "skipping stones" - more like chucking them, if you will. I can't skip stones to save my life! But I look like a pro in these photos - hahaha! Watch the hair action going on ... I can't tell who's doing more of the work, me or my hair? 
I wore pretty much the same outfit as I did in this post here, minus the cardigan and necklace (not shown), but it's just something that is comfy and that I threw on without much thought. Don't judge - haha! The lake was just gorgeous to look at and although it was so cold I didn't want to leave! It's amazing how beautiful mother nature really is. Everything around me looked so perfect in it's own little way. Another thing I really enjoyed was the colours and textures that I was surrounded by - there is so much to see and touch, it's uncanny. Honestly, there's nothing better than exploring your own city/ another city, neighbourhood, or park! There is so much to see out there, you might not even know about it! Do me a favour and explore your surroundings, you'll be surprised at what you find - that I can guarantee! 

I'm going to keep this post less about the words and more about the visuals. Let me know what you think of these kinds of posts. I hope you enjoy them! 


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