Out and About: Eldorado Park

This was a very picture heavy post (there were more photos that didn't make the cut but I decided to spare you...) but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Sometimes words can be substituted with images to convey a message or a story - am I right? I decided I wanted this post to be more about the visuals and less about the words. 

One of the best decisions I made for 2014 was to make an effort to explore my surroundings and where I live. As much as I love travelling out of the country (it can be costly in more ways than one), it can also be impossible with commitments such as school and work so why not just travel around your city or state?! One of my favourite places to get away to is Eldorado Park. It's a lovely place to picnic, go for long walks or just to dip your feet in the river! It was an impromptu decision to go so we weren't really dressed for the park but that doesn't stop us! 

What better way to finish off our day then with an Ice Cappucino?! 
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