What I ate: Sunday

If you're not interested in what I ate this past Sunday, then maybe this post isn't for you. In case you are, I just wanted to share the meal Soh and I had. Now I know it doesn't look like much but let me tell you that it was just perfect for a late evening supper! I hate the feeling of being over full and lazy, and it's important to eat right before hitting the sack. Wondering where that flab on your belly is from (Don't worry I have some too!)? Do you eat heavy meals after 8 PM? I do! I do! This is a big no no! As is was, on Sunday we were eating a lot of junk during the day (even ordering from a fast food restaurant for lunch) and so I decided that I wanted to have a simple healthy dinner and Voila! 

This dish was a team effort. I took care of the vegetables while the Mister worked with the meat. We combined our favourite foods the create such a scrumptious combination. I boiled a mix of frozen and fresh veggies for this dish and then lightly pan fried them in some Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper and Red Chili powder. I can't disclose the meat recipe since it's Soh little secret! If you really want to know, hit me up and I'll pry it out of him. This dish only took about 30-45 minutes altogether, the veggies didn't take much time at all compared to the meat. It was so simple and easy to prepare - and that's what I'm all about!




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