Style Crush: Sonam Kapoor

Hiya! I'm bringing you another one of my Style Crushes (previous post on the Olsen Twins here) the chic and trendy, Sonam Kapoor! She's a Bollywood starlet, one of India's best dressed and the brand ambassador for L'Oreal! My fascination with Sonam started when she first appeared in her debut film Saawariya (where she looked SO gorgeous by the way). Aside from her film success, Sonam is a an avid fashion empress. With her tall and slender frame, anything and everything looks great on Sonam. | |
Her sense of style is immpeccable! I particularly love her casual/ street style.  She always seems to look amazingly put together even in a simple jeans and tee. No wonder she's made it to India's best dressed list! She's been featured numerous times in Vogue, GQ, FHM, Maxim, Elle, Grazia, Femina, and Harper's Bazaar, just to name a few.  

She needs to start a fashion blog of her own, no joke. Just Google Sonam and you are bound to find tons and tons of fashion photos from shoots, runways, award shows, and film screenings.  What I love most, is that she's not afraid to push boundaries and try new things(and that's how it should be!) when it comes to her style and her work. One example I can think of in particular is Cannes 2013; Sonam wore an accessory which caused quite a stir in the fashion world. Some loved (yes, I did!) and other's hated it. But to each it's own, right? Keep an eye out for this trendy miss, I can't wait for what she comes up with next (plus I hear she has a thing for handbags - squeeeeaal)! 

... and can some one please tell her about my idea regarding the fashion blog? Thanks.

* images belong to the respectful owners, collages made by yours truly.


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