Review: It's gotta be "got 2b"

Why hello there! Lookie what I have for you - a review! My last beauty review was of the Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo and that was ages ago! I promise to make them more frequent on this blog, you can hold me to it! 

So as you may know from past blog posts, I have declared Batiste Dry Shampoos (seen in this post here) are the most amazing products ever created. WELL. One day, on my hunt for my fave Batiste Dry Shampoo, I came across this one:
The got 2b rockin' it 4 ever style stay encore fresh dry shampoo by Schwarzkopf Professional. Yup. I've since converted (forgive me God). I haven't even looked at Batiste since I first bought this bad boy, which was MONTHS ago. This dry shampoo is so easy to use. I kid you not. All I do to refresh my hair is: part my hair, shake the can very very well and spray from a slight distance all over my head. I let the spray settle in my hair for a few seconds before I start to "massage" it into my roots. My second day hair looks and feels as if I had just washed it! I only need approximately 5-7 minutes for me to work with it and I'm out the door - just how I like it! 

The good:
- Well priced at $3.49
- Easy to use
- Scentless

The bad:
- There is nothing bad about this product!
- I go through these way too quickly!

The final verdict: 
I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone. I have repurchased this product multiple times already. So forget all the other dry shampoos, it's gotta be " got 2b"!
I know this is a short review but honestly, I have nothing bad to say about this product!

My rating: 


*** Please note that reviews can be tricky! Just because a product works wonderfully for me, does not mean it will work the same for you. Just the same, if a product does not work well for me, does not mean that will be the same for you. Please consider hair type, thickness, and hair damage as factors that may alter the way the product reacts to you as opposed to myself. Please keep in mind, that there are no guarantees. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own,  my reviews are always given thorough consideration and fair trial.***


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