Out and About: Niagara, Ontario

My nickname should be Long-drive Queen. I mean it. Soh and I take daily weekly adventures in and around town. This time as we were exploring our city we decided to drive further, and then out of nowhere decided to drive down to Niagara - completely unplanned! The weather was beautiful, the traffic was good (for a change), and it seemed like the perfect day to go for a drive! Here you can see, I've taken a few car "selfies" (ew, hate that word) along with some scenery shots - isn't Niagara beautiful? We didn't get to spend too much time because a) we couldn't find parking (no joke) and b) it was getting late and we needed to head home. I'd love to come back to Niagara after i've planned properly and I have working a digital camera (these photos were taken on my dinky phone).

Talk to you again soon!


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