Vee's Top 5 Beauty Products

Hello everyone! Today's post will be a little bit different since Safiyah won't be the one blogging.... Instead you get another reader, Vee!!
About a month and a half ago (2 months really) Safiyah had asked me to guest blog and without really thinking about it entirely, I jumped right in and agreed. Little did I know how much work and creativity one must have to write blogs! So after much over thinking and research, I decided to finally write the blog post!

Here's three little small facts about me so we can all get more acquainted with one another:

1) I was born in Montreal, Quebec. (I moved away when I was about ten years old but visited for long periods of time over the years as I still have family living there)
2) I love reading! (Favorite author: Jane Austen, I love all of her books!)
3) I met Safiyah in grade nine, in the science class we both shared. So we've known each other and been friends since 2005!

Now enough about me, let's talk about what today's actual post is about and that is:

My top 5 beauty products!

Left to Right: Keri Lotion, Almay Smart Shade Concealer,
Blistex DCT Lip Protector, MAC Blacktrack Gel Eyeliner & Nivea Cream

1) Keri Lotion
If you know me well then you know my daily routine and a product that has always been in my house is my Keri lotion! I have been using this my entire life, and I've always sworn to it! As soon as I get out of the shower and dry myself off, this goes on my skin ASAP. Its always made my skin feel nice and baby soft.

2) Nivea Cream
Another thing you'll find in my house on the daily. I have used this as much as my Keri lotion and I swear by it. I have moved on from the Nivea Blue to the Soft white Nivea over the years since I just didn't like the texture of the original blue one for daily use. But I alternate depending on how my skin feels on the day, so you'll always find them there.

3) Blistex
I am not much of a Vaseline fan only because growing up we used Vaseline for baby bum rashes and ever since I avoided it. But the best thing to use all year round for soft lips is blistex! I keep this in the house and in my purse because I use it for any redness or chapped lips.

4) Mac cosmetics; Blacktrack Gel Eyeliner
MAC Blacktrack Gel Eyeliner

I have used so many eye liners over the years for when I do my makeup but the one I'll always keep using and always go back to is my Mac Blacktrack gel liner. It comes in a pot and I use a tiny eyeliner brush from Mac as well to help glide on this liner. It is the perfect liner and it never smudges for me!

5) Almay Smart shade Concealer
I still have acne problems but the only product that won't irritate my sensitive skin to cover it all up is this! Its perfect because it'll blend perfectly into my skin and it'll cover up whatever I don't like on my face. It's not an ultimate favorite but a favorite nonetheless.

So those are my top five beauty products! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it! :)


Saf here! How did you think Vee did for her very first blog post? I think she did damn good! 
I loved the way she described each beauty product - short, sweet and to the point! I'm so glad she agreed to write for this blog! It's always nice to have a fresh new take on things. I hope to have Vee write again for the blog in the near future.Whad' ya say? **Thank you Vee!** - Saf  


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