Today's Lunch: 03/28/14

Hey there! I haven't posted a "Today's Lunch" in a VERY long time! The last was this post here back in December. I've been (still) trying to get (back) on that"Healthy" bandwagon these last few months and have been failing miserably (a post on that to follow) but yesterday's impromptu veggie stir fry dinner inspired me to make another stir fry dish for today's lunch. I decided to use a new ingredient for today's dish - cream cheese! Usually cream cheese is used as a spread on bagels or crackers BUT it makes an amazing way to create a sauce for pasta and chicken dishes! This dish took minimal prep + cook time and is so simple to make!

For this recipe, I boiled baby carrots and broccoli for approximately 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I poured a teaspoon (or two) of olive oil into a fry pan. Once the veggies have boiled (I like mine with a slight crunch), I drained the excess water and added them to the fry pan with a pinch of salt, black pepper and crushed red chilies. I usually like to add chopped garlic to my stir fry dishes, however, since I was using the Philadelphia Garlic Cream Cheese, I thought it would be too much garlic for one dish.
I continued to stir the vegetables for a few minutes before I mixed in 2-3 tablespoons of cream cheese. Mix until cream cheese dissolves and becomes a sauce. I covered the pan and left to simmer for a few minutes and served hot. 

You can add whatever vegetables you prefer; I would love to experiment with Red Bell Peppers and Asparagus sometime soon! You may be thinking this is very minimal lunch (which may be true), BUT today is Soh's Birthday and we are going out for a scrumptious dinner and I NEED to save my appetite! 

If you decide to try this out, tag me - I'd love to see it! 
What did you have for lunch today? HAPPY FRIDAY!


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