Take You Home.

I haven't been around much lately in the Blogesphere due to being "busy" and my lack of a camera at the moment but I have come back with a Sunday Synopsis type post to compensate for that. A couple of weeks ago, Soh and I decided to spend the day at my grandparents place for a change. In a previous blog post I described wanting to spend more time with my the important people in my life - which I failed at miserably (Excuses. Excuses.) but as they say, better late than never. This post is all about taking you (my readers) home - hence the title of this post! 

I enjoy spending time with my grandparents. They are funny, full of stories and lots of advice, which I had the privilege of hearing due to my lack of knowledge in automobile purchasing. Ahem. I will save that story for another day. My grandparents were packing for a trip to Saudi, Dubai and India when my grandmother pulls out two of my moms old dresses from the 1990's (i'm guessing) that she self-designed. I was in awe. I knew my mum was quite the fashion queen back-in-the-day but designing her own dresses?! Who knew?! 

At first glance the outfits obviously seem dated since they have shoulder pads and these grotesque plastic buttons (I forgive you mom!) but that's nothing I can't fix! I already have some ideas as  to what I want to do with these dresses but I will save that for another post! 
Another great thing about going home is the petting zoo that I get to come home to. I'm not kidding. I feel like my mum has filled the void of me leaving home with her birds. Yeesh. I only live 3 KMS away! I'll introduce you to my other "siblings": Jellybean, Twiddledee and Twiddledum AKA Kiwi and Mango and one of the two fish, Goldie (how original, eh?).  
That same weekend Soh and I celebrated our two-year anniversary! It's crazy to think that two years have gone by... I'm still used to saying that it's only been a year! We didn't do anything crazy exciting - we had errands to run and ate out for lunch and dinner and just spent our time together. Soh and I are working on three super exciting projects, which takes up a lot of our time and money so we are refraining from any expensive outings and shopping trips so that we can make these dreams come true! 

Here are a couple of trinkets around my grandparents place that i'd like to share with you, hope you like them! 
Oh and last but not least meet the kind and caring hands of my grandparents! Hope you enjoyed this post! More later!


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